I'd like to start by welcoming you to my food Blog/Journal, I've always had a love of cooking baking long before I was vegan, But it wasn't until I had become vegan that I realized how special plant based food really was, Creating a meal made with plants but has elements of nostalgia of past by using plant based meats and cheeses.

I am not a chef and don't claim to be, I would however say a cook, With my past experience working in a number of restaurants cooking.
After leaving school I started a TAFE course in practical food skills and hospitality and went on to work in a small cafe as a cook/server, As the years went on and jobs came and went, I found myself volunteering at Meals On Wheels which lead me to become the fill in head cook, This position really made the part of me that learned how to bulk cook and cook for large numbers.
My final position was in a large old manor as a breakfast waitress however the boss was a sick man and needed me to take over his role as the breakfast cook, Most of the meals were cooking to order and at the time full English breakfast, I would quite often get a lot of complements on breakfast.

I create a lot of my food in this blog, however, I do also go by some non-vegan recipes for veganising old favorites, If by chance I should use a recipe or share a recipe on my blog that originally belongs to another blogger or chef... I will always give credit where credit is due.
I do not steal recipes nor twist recipes for my own, If there's a likeness of a recipe I have posted to someone elses recipe?....that is purely a coincidence as I don't profit from my blog recipes in anyway.
I have thought about my own cookbook but don't have any plans yet.

I have always seen the vegan community as being a great network of people with the same ideals, And that is working together to show the world they don't need to pay someone to kill defenseless animals for the sole purpose of enjoying a meal, We should  share a vegan blog with our followers and support them making a difference and embrace it because they have the same goal as you do, This should not be a competition if we are of the same mind, When our main focus comes to $$ that's when we loose what's really important here..and that's The Animals.
If you would like to know more about the person behind the keys Please go Here!

Thank You so much for your time, support and words of encouragement.